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CT Hardware/ Software Procurement

We are registered partner of most Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs) and is entitled to various discounts and direct support from the manufactures.


Building access networks that deliver internet to its clients both in urban and rural areas through a hybrid solutions.


We build Base Stations, install Micro Cells and Cells Extenders ,Yagi Antennas, Commission and Decommission Base Stations and provide Radio Planning Services.



The world has become irrevocably dependent on the convenience, access,and empowerment of the cyber world. Wireless internet, cell phones, satellite communications, and network infrastructure allow the transfer, storage, and dissemination of massive amounts of data that touch all aspects of the economic, political, education and research world.

This unprecedented capability to connect a globalized world carries significant risk and opportunity for cyber criminals and hackers to exploit cybersecurity weaknesses for their own gain.

Meet Our People

Access Technology Consultants is a 100% black owned company with a dynamic, innovative and energetic team geared to break barriers and industry norms. Under the leadership of the managing director Carlos Musonza each project has a team designed to suit the scope.







The Problem

The world is now a global village united and continually evolving through technology advancements, however Africa is still lagging behind.

This is not because we lack the technical ability however it is because technology has been made inaccessible due to the misconception that it is expensive and highly complex.

  • Vision

  • Our existence is to simplify & solve our clients most complex technological challenges in the most cost effective way.
  • Mission

  • We aspire to be the leading life changing company though affordable innovation & technology.
  • Values

  • Relationships
About Us

Access Technology Consultants is ayoung & dynamic telecommunications facility management and infrastructure building company with a national footprint through its strategic partners who range from SMME’s to Multinational companies who are entirely focused on delivering change based future glaring solutions for their clientele through research based innovation to deliver community & life changing telecommunications solutions.

Access Technology Consultants prides itself in being 100% Black African owned & we have mastered the spirit of Ubuntu and brotherhood with various black owned SMME’s that we have standing partnerships with to deliver services to our clients who are renowned experts in their various disciplines of practice.

It is within the bounds of this spirit that in this proposal we also speak with the voices of our partners embalmed in this company profile & clearly outline their roles in the Access Technology Consultants community.

Telecomunication Tower
Our Powerful Model

As the world moves towards the 4th industrial revolution and Internet ofthings where everything is internet driven it is important that as black companies and in this country we share opportunities with upcoming black owned SMMEs and black unemployed graduates as part of our DNA to grow the black community that we operate in and prepare our community for such a development through skills transference & economic empowerment.

As part of our empowerment model we employ unemployed female graduates to be part of our carrier grade network operations team every year.

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